by Stanislaw W. Klopot:

1) Working Paper Formation of Urban Community of Wroclaw after the Second World War.

Full text: TBA

2)  Working Paper The Knowledge about History and Cultural Heritage of the City.

Full text: TBA

by Barbara Pabjan: 

1) Working Paper Paweł Czajkowski. Formy pamięci historycznej miasta. Architektoniczne dziedzictwo kulturowe miasta w świadomości młodzieży

Full text: TBA

by Anastasia Felcher:

Conference Paper for International Conference Towards a Common Past? Conflicting Memories on Contemporary Europe by NordForsk Nordic Network in Memory Studies and Centre for European Studies, Lund University. programNiklasB1

Address: Towards a Common Trauma? Asymmetric Memories Towards Jewish Life and Death in Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe (May 15), please, do not cite or circulate! Felcher_Lund_Towards_the_Common_Past_Proposal


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2011-2014 Research Project on Memory of Vanished Population Groups in today´s East-Central European Urban Environments, implemented by the Center for European Studies at Lund University and specialists in partner cities

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