Presentations at final conference 2014

Urban planning Cisinau, A. Gordeev

BL introduction 19 nov 2014.compressed

BL 1 interwar Chisinau + first page 19 nov 2014.compressed

BL 2 interwar Cernivci 19 nov 2014.compressed

BL 3 interwar Lviv 19 nov 2014.compressed

BL 4 interwar Wroclaw + concl. 19 nov 2014.compressed

Ihor Piddubnii summary

Student survey Cernivci Marusyk 20 nov 2014

Urban planning Lviv Shulyar 19 nov 2014

Urban planning Cernivci Korotun 19 nov 2014

Student survey Wroclaw Czajkowski 20 nov 2014

Student survey Lviv Petryshyn 20 nov 2014

Student survey Chisinau original 20 nov 2014

Resident interviews Chisinau Felcher Nesterov 20 nov 2014

NW Lviv Kryvoruchko 19 nov 2014

NW Lviv Bevz 19 nov 2014

Memories Pidzamche Otrishchenko Bondarenko 19 nov 2014

Chisinau student survey Felcher, Buzila

Chisinau inhabitants interviews Felcher, Nesterov

Chisinau elite interviews Felcher, Misail


Leo Spitzer keynote


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2011-2014 Research Project on Memory of Vanished Population Groups in today´s East-Central European Urban Environments, implemented by the Center for European Studies at Lund University and specialists in partner cities

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